Common Questions

How long does implementation take from the time I sign the contract to when Doc-Bill is handling all of my billing?

First of all, your billing never stops being done. There is a transition period of about 3-4 months where your current billing solution will continue while the new software is installed. This process includes transferring and validating physician data (state licensure, NPI’s, e.g.), patient demographics, and insurance company data (credentialing, e.g.). After this information is migrated to the new system, Doc-Bill will run a series of tests to make sure the information is accurate and will test the claim submission process thoroughly. Then we will jointly choose a “go-live” date after which all claims will be submitted by Doc-Bill.

Why does it take so long to transfer the billing system from one company to another?

Because it is crucial to get it right the first time – so we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that every piece of data that is migrated is validated. This requires sampling a large portion of the migrated data. Keep in mind that each patient demographic record contains between 50 and 120 elements – and insurance companies love to deny payments if even one of these elements is incorrect – even if the patient is properly insured and the doctor properly credentialed.

Why do you use eCW software – why not use your own software like other companies do?

We have extensive experience building these kinds of systems and have found it is much better to specialize on the billing process itself rather than developing software AND being expert in the billing process. We have chosen the best system in the business and, while the eCW software is not cheap, Doc-Bill pays for the monthly maintenance fees. You pay only the initial implementation fees to transition to the new system.

I use Amazing Charts for my EMR – can you work with other EMR’s besides eClinicalWorks?

Yes, we can work with most electronic medical records systems.

What do I have to do differently to accommodate the Doc-Bill software?

In general – very little. If you are still using a paper-based system, you will simply give Doc-Bill the completed superbills (or encounter forms) and we will enter the data. If you are using another billing solution, we will transition you to the new system. If you are using an EMR, we can accept the output from most EMR’s to use as input into our system. If you are already using the eClinicalWorks EMR, then you will see very few changes at all.

What are “implementation costs”?

eClinicalWorks does a lot of work creating the data structures and transferring the credentialing and demographic data into a new database to facilitate the billing process. They charge to do this work – Doc-Bill simply passes these charges through, with no mark-up.

Why do you charge different rates for different doctors?

Physician payment varies widely from one specialty to another. We charge less for higher-dollar-value claims because the work that we need to do is really a function of the number of claims we submit, rather than a function of the total dollars. Therefore, for practices that generate more revenue per office visit, our charges are a bit lower.

Who will my patients contact if they have a question about their bill?

Doc-Bill’s patient support group is available from 8:30 AM to 5 PM EST from Monday to Friday, and available via email 24/7.

Who would I contact daily if I have a question?

As soon as you sign your contract with Doc-Bill you will get the cell phone number of one of the founders – you are welcome to call this number 7 days a week, from 8 AM until 10 PM.

How many clients are currently using eClinicalWorks?

As of this writing (June 2014) over 85,000 physicians, 220,000 providers, 545,000 users, and 50,000 facilities are successfully using the eClinicalWorks EMR and Practice Management Software.

How often do you upgrade your software – and how much do you charge?

The software is updated routinely (at least twice per year) and these upgrades are done off-hours and on weekends to minimize disruption.  Doc-Bill covers all of the costs of software license, the maintenance, and any required upgrades.

Do I need to buy servers or other hardware?

You have a choice.  You can host the system yourself, or have the system hosted “in the cloud” – which means that we will support the server infrastructure remotely.  Generally we recommend the latter solution for most practices.



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