About Us

We created Doc-Bill to provide the best billing and practice management services in the industry, at competitive prices, for small to medium sized physician practices in the U.S. We are building this company to a limited number of physician practices to allow the founders to maintain personal contact with each of our customers to ensure outstanding service. Our mission is to be excellent and profitable rather than big and impressive.

We believe our academic and work experience is unique for a billing service organization. More importantly, we are personally committed to the success of each client. To demonstrate this commitment, each client has one of our personal cell phone numbers, and is welcome to call at any time between 8AM and 10 PM, seven days per week.

The Doc-Bill process combines sophisticated software – tailored to the needs of each practice – with simple, repeatable steps that integrate the work of billing and office staff. This approach guarantees faster and better payment, with fewer denials. Our objective is to create an environment where our physicians focus solely on providing excellent care to their patients –and we collect every penny they earn.

“We created Doc-Bill to provide the best revenue cycle management service, not the biggest.”